New: Collections and Balanced Scorecard Resources

We launched The Nonprofit Strategy Library beta one month ago and have been thrilled to witness the excitement about the tool from nonprofit professionals around the world. Visitors from the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, Hyderabad and more than 100 other cities accessed the Library in its first month.

Location of visitors to The Nonprofit Strategy Library

Location of visitors to The Nonprofit Strategy Library

Since launching the Library we have paid careful attention to user feedback and studied user behavior on the site. Today, we are releasing three enhancements to make the tool more valuable to nonprofit leaders:

  1. Collections: Users sent feedback that the resources in the Library were extremely valuable, but that guidance on where to start and what path to follow would facilitate consumption of the wide-ranging content. To address this need, we are adding the ability to filter by curated collections of content by theme. Users can still search the Library for keywords and filter by topic, source and content type.

  2. 5-Minute Basics: We recognize that the current content in the Library can be a mouthful to digest—great for leaders seeking detailed resources to address specific challenges at work, but not great for leaders looking for a quick introduction to key concepts to determine which are relevant for their organization. In response to this feedback, we added the 5-Minute Basics collection. It points nonprofit leaders to bite-sized introductions to the powerful strategic concepts addressed in more depth in other Library content.

  3. Balanced Scorecard: We’ve been monitoring which content nonprofit leaders access most. The most accessed resource in The Nonprofit Strategy Library’s first month was Arpeggio’s introduction to the fundamentals of strategy. The next most popular was an article on the Balanced Scorecard, a popular methodology for performance metrics and strategic management. In response, we added a collection of 10 Balanced Scorecard resources to help nonprofit leaders from understanding how the approach can be valuable, to designing a Balanced Scorecard system for their organization, to leading organizational change and adoption.

Try these enhancements out and let us know what you think. We look forward to your continued feedback to help us make The Nonprofit Strategy Library even more valuable.