The nonprofit sector is ready to grow beyond the basics of strategic planning.

Yet, navigating the strategy literature has historically been far too difficult for nonprofit leaders in search of the frameworks, approaches, and best practices they need to upgrade their organization’s strategic management practices.

The Nonprofit Strategy Library hopes to change that. Born of a list of resources cultivated over many years by Nick Takamine of Arpeggio Advisors, this searchable database offers links to the most eye-opening and relevant strategic management content for nonprofit leaders.

Visitors to the Library will find that most resources are written for a business audience—evidence that nonprofit leaders remain an underserved population when it comes to the strategy body of knowledge. Regardless, strategy’s concepts are just as powerful in the social sector as they are in the business world. We hope nonprofit leaders will use these resources to help their organizations reach their full potential. And, as the body of nonprofit-specific strategy literature grows, we’ll add the best of the best.